Cooking With Brussel Sprouts

Cooking with Brussel sprouts
station that works for you, “good morning maryland. >> adam is a chef and makes delicious food and is here with a vegetable that gets no love. >> no love at all. >> we are talking about the brussel sprouts. why do people have such attitude about it. >> to me h?when i was growing iewp, reminds me of i’ll lens but when they were served they turned into mush and we will use a different roasting style. >> leave it to a chef to adbacon and you smell it and it is amaze. you fry up the bacon. >> yes. i will start that and i am going to talk abt the brussels sprouts. >> get a shot. >> this is how it’s grown. >> no one gets to see it. >> no. we see it once in a while and you get them fresh and whole and what we do is simple cut. >> okay. >> depending on how big or small they are. you cut it like that. >> and it’s okay to have the end piece. >> it’s okay. sometimes they are thick. i will take it o



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