Cooking With Bob Burke

Learning how to make Jumbalaya with Bob Burke from Pot Au Feu
>> welcome back everybody. in “the rhode show” kitchen. we are here with bob burke. where are you from? >> the pot of fur. >> the pot de fur. >> we are cooking up oysters and jambalaya. >> we started of 0, you had your raw oyster for breakfast and now we’re moving on to jambalaya, this is a spicey cajun dish. we know that mardi means tuesday and gras means fat and the reason for that is as of tomorrow, everybody is giving up at the fun, the wildness, the craziness, so we have to have fun today. that’s what it’s all about. now what we’re going to have you do, vince, first of all, if you would, we’re going to put the holy continuity here into our — holy trinity here into our pot. the pepper, the onion and the celery, which every dish starts with, if you’re going to be a real cajun. put that in, and elizabeth, if i can have you add our chopped chicken and this is called an andoule sausage



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