Cooking: Wild Salmon With Olives & Fresh Herbs

We’re cooking Wild Salmon with a lemon mosto, olives and fresh herbs with Capital Grille in the kitchen.
coming alive at nig aht, it’s the henocturnal patrick little. >> matt hayes from the capitalm grille and ben who you just sawt aw is going to show us how to cook an we’ve all taken bets that b you’re going to be bngetter at this than ben. >> i’ll give it i a shot.t. >> this fancy uniform you havey or on right here, h might take the cake. .let’s tack about tlehe saltamon, this is a capital grille — we think about steak a lot ouwhen we talk about the capita l grilt le, but in is sa ilmon. >> we’re not well known for ouror seafood, but we have some ofut the finest seafood in odtheth city. c we’re going to prepare an herb encrusted wild salmon from alaska. there’s a lot of talks aboutlo the benefits of the wild salmon versus the farm raised, the bighe differ ence is in the feed and the pcb’s, but etc. b going to b ge herb encrusted with tear gone, salt, pepper and palsly, finishin that with



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