Cooking: Wild Mushroom Ravioli

We’re cooking Wild Mushroom Ravioli in the kitchen with Blaze East Side.
we have a lot of food on the menu today, huh? >> we definitely do. this is fill islandil starting from blais east side. i understand danielle has been in here. >> she hadad some ravioli. >> stuffed ravioli is so good. what do we have. >> we have roasted butternut squash, grilled asparagus, domestic me and imported portabella mushrooms, we have portabella stock that we made, marsala wine, parmesan cheese. what’s better than that. >> what’s with thee mushrooms in the ravioli. av or do youo do multiple stuffedfe ravioli? >> we do a lemon ravioli, but the mushroom is the most popular. >> cool. listen, danielle is going to be g in here in the next segment. please, make sure,ke she doesn’t dip her fingers and steal any more of thef raviolis. find the recipe on line at wmur.com. more from the kitchen in a bit. back over to you. >> i’ll try to be good, patrick. all right. shifting gears now, we



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