Cooking: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

We’re cooking White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake with The Bakery Boutique.
into the kitchen where sweets are on the menu. >> we have a gorgeous menu. i love to be able to sigh gorgeous. diary na, i love of the outfit, pink is pretty. you must working at the bakery boutique. >> i have chandeliers, i do. you have to comeco in, it’s a girly girl dream. >> you guys are in smitheld. s >> we are, route 7. >> we always bring you in of course, during the busiest time like christmastime when you’re making cookies like crazy, c but b now it’s all about valentine’s day. what are we making? >> today we’reoing to make a white chocolateol raspberry cheese cake. i thought i would 3 white chocolate and raspberries, instead of the typical chocolate. >> what are the ingredients and let our viewers know they can get them on foxprovidence.com. >> you can get them on foxprovidence.com as well as the recipe. we have grand lated sugar, cream cheese, raspberry liquor, salt, fresh rasp



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