Cooking: White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake

We’re cooking White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake with an Eggnog Rum Sauce with Fathom’s at Newport Marriot .
i’m on foxprovidence.com all day. dalet’s go to thes kitchen now where vince, cheese cake, oh, my. >> oh o my is right. we have the executive chef from fathom’s restaurant from the marriott newport. this is not just any cheese cake. >> no. >> tell us what it is. >> we’re going tog make a pumpkin cheese cake wi th a ginger g bread crust and an eggnog and rum sauce. try to use hour l hocal ingredients. in we have the whitewh chocolate holere from newport chocolate. c >> do you mind? >> no, absolutely.ut >> go ahead. >> it will go along with the girl that was doing the workouts earlier. >> that’s true. me police is a rechter. >> — melissa rechter.ss >> the pumpkins are home. we have thehe ginger bread that webr use in thein ginger bread housereho down at the marriott. cheese cake, people think it’s a very difficult dish, it’s actually very simple.im something that takes five minutes to thr



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