Cooking: Vegetarian Chili

We’re cooking Vegetarian Chili with Father Frank Sevola for Good Friday.
some food to put on the table, route? >> you certainly do. father frank joining us today and we are making — or you areu making, i don’t make, anything, i just watch — well, what is it, chili without the beef.ut >> it’s a t’ vegetarian chili, good friday is a fast and abstinence for catholics and christians in general, so this isis a great, easy, meatless mealtl tome make. >> i like i great, easy and quick meals. >> you’re going to love this.hi >> talk about some of the ingredients. >> the ingr tedients, it’s verys simple , extra virgina olive oil, sautee onions, put p in corn, tomatoes and three different beans, we have black beans, red beans and cannoloni beans. let it simmer for 45 minutes o fr so, turns into a greatat chili. >> where’s theth beef? do you rember that old commercial, where’s the beef? chili without the beef, people might say what’s going’s to t stick to my ribs? >> t



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