Cooking Vegetables With Wegmans

Chef Bob shares an easy recipe for vegetables!
>> we are in the kitchen, so to speak with chef bob from wegmans, good mortgage, chef. >> i had to bring the kitchen with me. >> happy new year. >> i like going around with the kitchen. happy new year to you. >> thank you. we obviously keeping with the healthy theme here tryg to get the year off on the right healthy note we have vegetables here. talk more about that. >> the new “menu” magazine comes out january 16 and big focus for us to vegetables. and teaching people how to make their own healthy meal. one of the aspects of wegmans that we like to educa people. in our new “menu” magazine that comes out january 16, i’m teasing few things right here. sushi is a big focus point for healthy rice and seafood and mixture altogether is really nice. the convenience of that, then showing people how to make sushi is really convenient because you can watch — >> the magazine or a class? >> we do



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