Cooking: Umbrichelli Al Norcina

We’re cooking Umbrichelli al Norcina with Siena Restaurant.
kitchen with danielle. what are you cookiwhngre up today?da >> we have more best of people today in the kitchen, we are so happy to have seen, you have a providence — siena, you have a providence location. >> i am the chief cook and bottle washer. >> you wear all the hats. i said the namei of ourur recipe earlie r, butea can you say it earlier with a little flare. a >> umbrichelli al norcina. >> we’re a tuscan style restaurant, but we borrow from other regional cuiotsines. >> and you got best of what? >> best of restaurant west bay and best italian restaurant west bay. >> you have won h many awards over the years. we have wonderful fresh italian sausage, we have hydrated porcini mush rooms, and we’re going to toss itto with someom fresh made umbrinian style noodles. the gr eat thing abthout this, it has no egg in ggit, to if you w ant to make it, it’s going to store quite well, as long



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