Cooking: Two Different Gingerbread Recipes

We’re cooking a Gingerbread Latte Casserole and French Gingerbread Toast with Chef Stan Frankenthaler of Dunkin’ Donuts.
kitchen. patrick little is going to get cooking with patrick and doug. >> stan frankenthal is with us from dunkin’ doughnuts. you have a lot of food here this morning, we’ve been enjoying it all morning in cominmercial breaks, but specifically, what are you cooking for us on the show today? >> we have a lot of recipes for folks to enjoy during the holiday season that really do start with some of the great menu items that we’re offering at the dunkin’ doughnuhets stores, so we have a ginger bread muffin french toast and we’re making an interesting casserole, it’s a play on traditional flavors, but what we’re goingat to doo is add a gingerbread latte and combine that with country cut spare ribs bsandan kilbesa sausage. it’s a great thing to put t out on a buffet or make it in the afternoon when you’re busy during the holidays. >> how do you come up with this stuff? i would never think of t



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