Cooking: Turkey Cutlets Alla Milanese

We’re making Turkey Cutlets alla Milanese with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
let’s head over to the kitchen. patrick, what’s going operation safe commute? >> : always a lot going on in the kitchen with john and joe. happy new year’s, boy. >> talk about faces for radio. >> here we are, right there. >> all right. so this morning, we have — it’sha a turkey thing thathi you’re going to prepare like a veal thing. >> a turkey thingie, yeah. >> i learned that in culinary school. >> basically, we’re doing a classic veal curb with turkey to ring in the new year with a little more healthy. >> we’re healthy today. in two weeks we’ll be here with lasagna and whipped cream, you know how we roll, but this is today. to >> very fashionable, because if milan, the summers are very hot, so they like to do things lighter in the summer and heavy in the winter, because they have tough winter too. this dish is classic, but we’re going to spin it up with the turkey and it’s going to be



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