Cooking Turkey

cooking turkey
course, days away and we’reley is here withg turkey with certified “meatologist”, patrick johnson. we visited him at d&r market as he prepared to bake picking out your turkey. >> patrick johnson: we alloh tend to overindulge at thanksgiving time so buying a little large is not bad. >> laura: purchase about three quarters to tha pound of raw turkey weight per guest. once you tha w your turkey, wash it down with water, pat it dry and get ready to dress it. some people brine the turkey but others are traditionalists. you can just j lift the skin off the breast of the bird, rub some butterub over it , maybe include herbs like sage under the skin.th then, it’s time to stuff the bird. >> johnson: they can be anyth type of herbs, vegetables or fruits and liquids you are going to stuff into the bird to create a moister environment to develop a different essence to your bird more flavor. >> l



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