Cooking: Tuna Tartar Tacos

We’re cooking Tuna Tartar Tacos with The White House Tavern.
kitchen with danielle. what’s going on today. >> all r ight. we have the white horse tavern in the kitchen today with our chef, richard sylvia, we’reyl making a n i nterestingnt take on on tacos. i like this, a tuna tartar taco. >> that’s righ t. we decided to take a nice, nice summer look atsu a taco, tuna. >> what have we got. >> ah itune that, roas roasted pablano pepper, limes. >> what goes into the t chili cream sauce. >> crema fresh, salt, pepper and pe wine. >> that soundsou like a nice easy are you guys working on now. >> i’m joined by two fine gentleman this morning. we have richard sylvia from the white house ta vern and we’re making some sort of an accompaniment to our dish. we want to talk to mike about our newport restaurant tours r this summer. what’s new on the menu for that. >> absolutely. we have ra whole new tour this summer. we have the broadway tour, which is running



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