Cooking: Tournedos “Wellington”

We’re cooking Tournedos “Wellington” in the kitchen with The Capital Grille .
us, foxprovidence.com. >> sounds great. vince is over there,is speaking of guys who solve s problems. what have you got for usav. >> i have chef matt haste f rom the capital grille. >> how are you. >> good. >> i see nice chunks of beef, also called tornadoes. >> tornadoes, french term. >> and we are going to g make a traditional wellington, corrl ect? >> actually, a little twist on the wellington. >> what’s your twist? >> traditional wellington is to usuall y a solid tenderloin and encrusted with mushroom duck sauce and finisheded off in a rough wrapped pastry. we’re going to do a twist on it and se rve itan with the toasted brioche. use the tornadoes instead of the single cut and we used a little bit of finely greated and toasted phyllo dough. so a little bit different than your tradyoitional. >> give me an idea of how it factors in your recipe. >> we start wta withth the brioche roll,



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