Cooking: Three Different Kinds Of Pizza

We’re cooking three different kinds of pizza with Federal Hill Pizza in the kitchen.
we gettingtt the pizzas ready? >> pizza party in the kitchen. we’re so excited. we have chefhe bill. he is from federal hill pizza company. y.i wasn ‘t aware of your location. you are in war ren on main street. >> you got g it. 495. >> how long have you been there? >> one year. >> but the actual place itself — >> the brand has been around about four years.ou >> the exciting part of our pizza party is we’re makingma three different kinds including a desert pizza. >> that is all they keep talking about. >> let’s talk about the ingredientsnt for the first pizza, a margarita. >> i’m mak>>ing a very basic margarita pizar args with w fresh real cheese, we’re going with a california tomatoom today, the last batch i got wass very good. go we have fresh basil , and we’re going to cook at 800 degrees so this is where the cooking time isok about two t minutes. >> oh, that’s it. 800 degrees. i’ve n



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