Cooking The Loft Burger With Crab Cake

We’re cooking the NYLO Loft burger with Chef Ray Fiske.
eating some of ray fisk’s deliciousness. chef ray, you know i’m not good around the kitchen, but you have challenged me to make an onion ring. >> what are we going to do over here? rick is going to follow me and i’m going to try to do this. this is the beer batter with the guinness that we have right here, so i’m assuming i want to dredge the own i don’t know. >> you’re — onion. >> you’re going to start with the flour, shake off the excess. >> and then i’m going to dredge it in the beer batter. ok. >> two, if not three. >> tell us what this is all a part of? this is all a part of the signature loft burger, which has what on it. >> burger, spinach, tomato, crab cake that we made earlier, the onion ring goes on top, a spicey sauce. >> a secret recipe,. >> and top it off — >> a darn good recipe if i might say. >> let’s get those going. >> so we’ll get these going. >> mix it around in the



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