Cooking: Tagliatelle Emilia

Cooking with Chef Anthony Tarro from Siena
have tagliatelle emilia with a cream sauce. this is a dish i have taken cooking techniques from emilia region and tips from tuscany as well. >> we have shrimp in the dish as well. >> we do. it is signature diablo rub. it is spicy and we like flavor at the restaurant. >> okay. let’s get cooking? >> we have extra virgin olive oil. lily, if youment to, add asparagus in there. >> okay. >> did you steam the asparagus? >> i did. i cut it and blanched it in lightly salted water. we will pure. >> the more the better. we’re italian. >> all right. >> we will get it moving and don’t want to brown the garlic. i don’t like the flavor. once it moves can you take sherry wine or sweet wine and add it in there. >> how much is that? >> that’s about four ounces. the important thing when you add wine you want to make sure you reduce the alcohol out or else you get a different flavor — >> drunk. >> differen



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