Cooking: Sweet Crepes

We cooked Sweet Crepes with Chef Leslie Albuquerque from Le Creperie.
>> welcome back to “the rhode show.” we are in the kitchen this morning hand we are starting off with the award, best wish, the creepry. >> this is the — crepery. >> this is the first year for her. now she’s on that pedestal and everybody has to bend to you now. >> that’s good. thank you. >> this is leslie albuquerque from la crepery. what are we going to do now? >> what i’m going to have us do is make the batter, so lily and i can start with the batter right here. >> tell me what you need us to do. >> i’m going to turn this on. i am some eggs already mixed in the blender. if you could add some milk for us, which is in this container right here. >> all of that. >> all of that. pour it in slowly. in the mean time, i’ll add some suing hard, because we’re making sweet crepes, about two teaspoons of sugar. vanilla, the salt goes right in. >> leslie, just real quick, if we were making the sa



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