Cooking: Stuffed Banana Peppers

Making stuffed banana peppers with Lieutenant General Reginald Centracchio.
were telling us this was a depression era recipe. >> my mother established it some years back. obviously, you can grow the peppers, you can grow the parsley, you have to buy the olives unless you live in italy, cheese and the garlic and you can put garlic on shoes. so that’s its main ingredient. >> i want to interrupt. in case you don’t know this gentleman, it’s not a nickname. the lieutenant general, he is a real lieutenant general. rick, can you get a shot of the patch here. >> that’s very cool. >> general, temperature us what you did here in rhode island in your previous life. >> i was the commanding gene general,age tent general, but i’ve been in the guard since 1947. 48 years later i’m retired and i’m a news analyst for channel 12 and i do big band stuff here and there, but cooking is good. >> and i asked you earlier, and you gave me a funny answer, but i really want to get to the m



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