Cooking: Striped Bass & Vegetable Succotash

We’re cooking pan-roasted native striped bass; Castle Hill vegetable succotash, with a lemon-chive vinaigrette with the Newport Restaurant Group.
s.heads head over to the kitchen with patrick littlthe. >> joi ning us this morning on “the rhode show,” jonathan cambra, and this isra the one thing i couldn’t catch lastat night was thegh stripedip bass, because the bl ue fish are aggressive and the stripersnd are so lazy, they hang out at the bottom and don’t want to fight. >> it’ s blue fishh season right now, it’s definitely blue fish season , butse also beautiful narragansett bay striped bass season and that’s what we’ll be preparingin today,, patrick. we hav narragansett bay striped bass, which has already been filleted and skinned and we’ree’ going to be serving it today with a castle c hill garden freshfr succotash. aseverything youyo see here camhee from our garden, harvested yesterday morning, so we have zucchini, yellow tomatoes, yourw garlic , we’re going toe g finish the dishdi with a lemon chive emulsion. >> i couldn’t cat



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