Cooking: Stone Soup

We’re making Stone Soup in the kitchen with Jennifer Cochrane.
on music. let’s head over to the kitchen.tc patrick.pak. >> this is jen cochrane and she is here this morning and this morning she’s makinge’ stone soup. now the thoeught of stonfe soup,eou you know, the first reaction is, wow,wo water with aat s tone in iit. >> there’s actually a really ly great story aboutt this andt they’ve made a children’s badook out of it, and it starts with a little boy going to a door saying i’m hungry. the woman says i’m sorry, we have no food for you f and he says i have stones that can make soup. they make it, it doesn’t taste good, , she has i have carrots wee can add, and he says he turnipsur and onions, so they add that andha lo and behold, soup., >> wha t do you have ht ere for this v ersion of stone soup? >> this version of v stoneto soup, we get started withh a vegetableeg stock or vegetable sauce, i have chorizo, a portuguese sausage. if you don’t have



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