Cooking: Steak And Eggs

We’re cooking Steak and Eggs with Spiced Pear at The Chanler.
patrick,tr what’s cooking today. >> there’s a lot>> oref stuff going on in the kitchen. we’re cooking withki theit spicedd pair at the chanler a wie th cthhefhe duffy. is that butter or cheese?? >> butter. >> you have eggs h and more eggs. >> we’re going to make a deep fried egg. >> a deep fried egg? >> yes, we’rewe going to deep fry an egg. >> how are we h going tong do that and with what? >> regular eggs. the one trick is, you have the poke the bottom. >> not yet. we don’t want to give away all the tricks yet.ic that’s one of theat ingredients,ng poking the b ottom. >> that way water will get inside the shell. >> what about w the other ingredients. >>>> potatoes, caramelized onions, fresh chives and thyme and portuguese sweet mussels. >> this is like a fancy egg sandwich when it’s all finished or no? >> it will be like an open faced sandwich. >> sounds great. we’re cookingwe with the c



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