Cooking: Spicy Sicilian Swordfish With Pancetta

We’re cooking Spicy Sicilian Rubbed Grilled Block Island Swordfish with Pancetta Spiced Broccoli Rabe and Mediterranean Olive Relish Sophia’s Tuscan Grille .
any lights, now we don’t need a fire. >> it would naturally follow on this dayda. it smells great. time to flip yet? >> it is just about time too flip. you can tell by the side of thee fish getting opaque. when it crawlswh up the side.de >> i am trying to show chris a little bit of my grill marks rkand maybe i will flip-aroni. >> flip that suc ker. >> oh, that’s nice. i like that. >> you are looking for the fish become firm and white w aroundd the sides. swore swordfish is one of those fish you don’t want to eat medium rare me like ahi tuna. t you want to cook it all the way through. medium well so nice and juicy inside also. ls>> how long? how do we know it is done. >> it will take two minutes — three to four minutes on each side and you are good to go. >> not bad. >> good for the home cook also. >> what is this? >> we started this before the panchetta in ttthe pan with the ic. we know



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