Cooking: Sole Française

We’re cooking Sole Française in the kitchen with Top of the Bay Restaurant.
around here this morning. sole francaise. pretty good, kevin. how are you? good to see you again much kevinuc naylor from top of theor bay, joing us this morning and we have fish, the sole. tell me how you’re going toe prepare this.s. >> we’re going to egg batter the sole, lemon, wine, butter. today, we’re using sole, you can use veal, at the restaurantra we use swordfish, chicken, pork, we’ve done maneuver indications. .today we’re going to be doing the sole though.e >> okay. top of the bay, i love that place. it’s right there on the beach.. >> receipt on the water. n >> how is it going, balls the weather is starting tois getin warmer? >> it nevertve stopped, justto keep on going and going andoi going. rain, snow, sun, come on down today. >> like the mailman. >> that’s right. the waves will be crashing over the walls. >> any specials? >> we still do the $9.95 lunch special, clam chowder



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