Cooking: Smokey Lobster Mac And Cheese

We’re cooking Lobster Mac and Cheese with Chef John Granata.
in the kitchen. pat, w hat’s goingha on in in? >> you were talking about struggles. first time i’ve been nervous coming in to tnghe kitchen with joe zito and john granata. >> what did binge crosby leave a sweater here. >> no, this is mr. fred rogers. you don’t like it? >> have a cigar by the way. congratulations, dad. >> with friends like you, who needs enemies.s >> only the best. >> good morning. g ng >> what is this? >> that’s a cigar. >> it’s like a tiparillo. >> it cost me 2 bucks. it’s the thought that counts. >> good to see you. uncle john and uncle joe. what h ave you got? talk about what you know best, food. stop picking on p me. >> smoky lobster mac & cheese. >> savory dish. sh >> one of the more popular dishes around the diunited aun states. we make it with fresh elbow mackrone, we’ve got some s chopped cheddar cheese, fresh lobster meat, we also have someav romano cheese w



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