Cooking Shrimp Santiago

Cooking Shrimp Santiago with Chef John Granta.
afte r a maitre d’ that was with us and he inspired us to make this dish and we took it a level better and we’re using sambuca romano. >> it keeps you happy all day you useu it as mouth wash. >> but this actually has a h purpose here. e >> it does. as a matter of fact, a when we get in to it, i’ll show you. >> i’m going to stand back. my hair piece could go up in a i second. >> now, looks like a lot, right? but there’s a purpose behind this, because this is going to turn into a carmely sauce. >> because of the sugar content in the sambuca? >> yes. and i do suggest that you use sambuca romano andan not a keep sambuca. >> that’s good.t’od i’ve always — there we go. all right. we’ve got the — we’ve got the sambuca romano in there, regular butter and what i did was i made a compound butter which is garlic, parsley, lemon and champagne. >> do we use this as an a appeti zer or entree?ze >> t



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