Cooking: Shrimp & Grits

We’re cooking Shrimp & Grits with The Pier Restaurant.
times. patrick, what are yotru got in the kitchen? >> i h ave shrimp and grit thisan morning. it’s not madeno yet, but that’s what we’ ll be making this morning from benny barber, forest the pier restaurant inie newport. what goes inwh it — you think– grits, you don’t necessarily think oft with shrimp.sh. >> right. at least i don’t anymore. >> unless you’re from the south. >> which i’m not. of course. >> okay. >> so what ha ve you got? what goes into the shrimp and grit. >> >> shrimp and grit, you haveit shrimp and we’ve got grit, it’sit just a cornor product, we havero crimini mushrooms, melted leeks,ee and butter, salt, opinioner and pi chopped op parsley. >> — pepper and chopped nd parsley. >> w hat are grit? >> grit are homini, corn that’sha ground down. it’s lik e anything corne based, like cor n meal or ame polenta, so melt it down with a little milk. i’ll be showillng you guy s



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