Cooking: Shrimp Athena

We’re cooking Shrimp Athena with Top of the Bay restaurant.
always exciting in there patrick. ic >> we have seafood info the t kitchen thisth morning.. courtney, it’s kevin from top ofro the bay. good morning, kevin. >> thanks for having me. >> this smells phenomenal. you haven’t started doing anything yet. what do you have for us today? >> i t’s shrimp athena, shrimp with sauteed spinach, baby spinach, olives, feta cheese, garlic butter, white wine, we usually serve it other linguini, but we serve it over anything. it also could be substituted with chicken as well. a >> original. >> if that’s something somebody wanted to do. >> tell me a preliminary bit about the top of the bay. >> we’re in warwick at the beach, right on the water, beautiful view of narragansett bay, you can see jamestown and newpor t bridge from the deck, especially in the summerti. er windows all around. it’s gor geous down there. >> beautiful year-round. >> beautiful year-rou



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