Cooking: Short Rib Ravioli

We cooked Braised Short Rib Ravioli with Temple Restaurant.
assembly line. remember when lucy was making the chocolates. >> hey, lucy. >> assembly line. >> you look marvelous. >> this time we’re doing it with braised short rib ravioli and tell us how do we get started here? >> in a mixing bowl here, you’re going to add some diced braised short ribs. >> i can add ito some of the ones — >> throw it all in there. >> how much braised short ribs do we need in order to make as many servings ration you’re going to make today? >> i would say two, 10-ounce pieces. >> and is this goat cheese. >> yes, you’re going to add all the goat cheese. 2 ounces. >> which is just the amount that melissa rechter was saying we should have. >> perfect. >> ok. >> and then, a little truffle oil, right? >> a little truffle oil. >> is truffle oil expensive? a little on the pricey side? >> it’s gotten down er the past few years. this one is actually black truffle oil, so it’s



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