Cooking: Shepherd’s Pie

Cooking Shepherd’s pie with Jennifer Cochrane.
our chef. >> you’ve got a couple of different meats in here for the shepherd’s pie. temperature us about that. >> i’ve actually put some lamb and i did what’s called a meat loaf mix, if you go to the store, and it’s just veal, pork and ground beef, already mixed together. i like the flavor better than traditional beef. >> it’s all stuff you can get at the supermarket. >> everything you can get at the supermarket and i did have lamb today, which is a traditional, because i wanted everybody to see what it looks like, and then have you taste it. >> fantastic. now i’m doing the potatoes here. we’re going to need a little more milk because i’ve decided that myself. >> was that golden rustette potatoes. >> you can used good old fashioned potatoes from idaho. >> good old fashioned potatoes. whatever is on sale. and i leave the skin on because time is money and i didn’t have time to peel them. >



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