Cooking: Shellfish Pan Roast

We’re cooking Shellfish Pan Roast with Chef Neil Manacle with Fluke Wine, Bar and Kitchen Restaurant.
holds the show togetheshr. lily, what have you got? >> mr. skwrao: we’re in here with fluke restaurant’slues >> we’re in here withh fluke restau rant, it’sreit like barnicikle, but i said oh, strike that from the record, just calm me barnicle. neal, you’re here nebecause be newport restau rant wwpeek is kicking off.ck >> friday. >> friday. >> the 19th through the 2e 28th. >> and we are making this morning, a — i see scallops, i see shrimp mussels, what are wewh doing this. >> we’re doing a shellfish pot roost,ro it plays off a o dish thath uses a lot of fish. you’ll using shellfish, local, all “the rhode show.”ho >> wha t are — all rhode island. >> is this the ingredient? >> this is shrimp shells, y ou’ll use that too make the broth.e >> very interesting. what else do we have? >> onion, garlic, bay leaves, ea thyme, tomatoes, salt, pepper. >> what isha that? >> chopped garlic. lots of



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