Cooking: Seared Scallops And Corn Puree

Making seared scallops and corn puree with Chef Terri Boehm from Aspire.
rhode show.” we are with chef terri from hotel providence. this is your first time here. welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us what we are cooking with. i hear the pan is hot. >> it’s seared scallops, with rhode island sweet corn puree. >> this is something on its menu? >> it’s on your new summer menu. first of all, tell us what the ingredients are, other than the scallops. >> ok. we have boiled purple peru convenient potatoes. >> what are different about those than a normal potato. >> color. they look great. >> so it’s presentation. >> there you go. we also have oyster mushrooms. >> i actually thought this was ginger with i looked at it. >> it’s relly texturial, so it just has a great look to it. and then also, frisee, which is an endive, which is a little bitter. >> or how my hair is on a humid day. >> absolutely. >> so let’s get started. what do we feed to do. >> we lightly season the sca



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