Cooking: Seared Salmon And Noodle Salad

Cooking seared salmon and noodle salad with Chef Nick Rabar from Chinese Laundry.
have five locations in providence. on any given day, you may run into nick. >> i don’t even know if i’m coming or going. >> it’s a really cool restaurant. >> it’s spectacular. three floors of great ding, lounging. >> what’s the address nor that one? >> it’s 121 north main street. and all the addresses are on www.chow fung.com. >> we have a lot of stuff. i’m a little intimidated. >> very easy to purchase at any local store. what we have in this bowl here, once again, a little bit of egg noodle, bell pepper, scallions and bean sprouts. lily will rip up thai basil. >> so the flavorets out a little bit. >> pretend it’s vince’s head. vince, we’re going to make a vinegarrette and we have a bunch of great ingredients. we have a little chopped lemon grass, fresh ginger. you can start firing away. all about this red thing. >> is that going to be dangerous. >> why that’s trouble. >> you have fresh



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