Cooking: Seared Halibut

Cooking seared halibut with Chef Kyle Ketchum from Spiced Pear.
this? >> this is farm raised, we’re trying to be more sustainable. you know,est endangerment of a lot of cavier, so i want to make sure it’s t.c. correct. >> cavier high on the endangered list? >> yes. >> what we’re going to do is take grape seed oil, add it to your pan. >> we haven’t used grape seed oil in the past. is there a reason, is it just the flavor? >> i like grape seed oil, it has a higher smoke point and it will allow you to sear it more. it’s more neutral. we have a piece of halibut, we’re going to season it with salt and pepper. >> we want to remind everybody at home, you can cook along with us at foxprovidence.com, show us somehow it’s done step by step is chef kyle ketchum from the spiced pear in newport. >> you have a smoking hot pan, take your halibut and just sear it off. >> and halibut is a firm white fish, so let’s say you wanted to — could you replace it with a diff



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