Cooking: Seared Ahi Tuna

We’re cooking seared Ahi Tuna with Chef Nick Rabar.
it’s incredible. di it’s calledle ahi tuna. you’ve been to the islands, vince. >> there’s a lot i don’t remember. .>> it’s number one quality ahi tuna, it’sit incredibledi stuff. we’re doing it with sticky rice, which we prepared earlier. as i said, we brought it to a boil, we turn it to aeciumer and we left it covered. with you do it right, you know, you canyo kind of see each individual grain. >> you can see that. >> it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, we did it right. we take it out and then as part of the process because we weren’t able towe t cook it just so, we have toe season it. >> why do the asians usese the sticky rice? >> etrenne is because you need — the reason is because you need it to stick to the product. this is sort of a play on sushi today. >> you know whatw else, speaking of reputation,n, everyone thinks it’s a a super expensive restaurant. we don’t have anythi



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