Cooking: Sea Bass

Making seared Mediterranean sea bass with Chef Kyle Ketchum from Spiced Pear.
us here this morning, because fish can be a difficult dish, seafood in general tore people to cook. skin on, skin off,. >> low heat, high heat, how long do you keep it on. >> the first thing we’re going to do, we have mediterranean sea bass. what i like about it, skin can become very crispy, i like contrasted textures between the dishes. get a moderately hot pan, grab a little bit of cooking oil, i’ve preheated the dish, salt and pepper, there you go. skin side and flesh side. >> you say you like to keep this in a medium heat. >> well, i heat that pan up as hot as i can get it. >> and then we’ll adjust it from there. we’ll tone it down. if your pan is not hot enough, what’s going to happen is the actual skin of the fish is going to stick and then it’s going to rip off. there goes your presentation. we’re going to let that heat up for one second in a separate pan. we’re going to start pre



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