Cooking: Scallop Truffles

Making scallop truffles with Chef Pierre St. Germane from RISD.
smells heavenly in here and i love, we’re going to show them in just a minute, but i love the way you did these scallops because i’m a big fan of scallops. when i make them, they’re rubbery and disgusting, but when you make them, they’re heavenly. what’s the trick? >> these have cocoa in them, the chocolatiness. the trick is not to overcook them. it’s tough, because scallops have to be done like that. >> tell me what we’re making over here. >> this is the — i’m going to make a quick batch right over here so we have that, we’re going to show you every chef’s trick to making a verblanc. >> what is verblanc. >> mr. skwrao: it is a white wine and butter sauce. pepper corn, gives a little zip to the dish and if you plan on serving it for mother’s day, make the dish have little flecks of pink in it. >> any type of white wine we want to use in this? >> i use a chardonnay. that’s fine. if you w



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