Cooking: Salt N Pepper Onion Rings

We’re cooking Salt N Pepper Onion Rings in the kitchen Ted’s Montana Grill.
food, we’re going togo head on over t o the kitchen with katherine. e.>> i’ve’v never seen onion rings so big. you’re from ted’s montanas grianll. we’re’r making game daye food for the super bowl and of course, everybody loves onion rings andnd actual ly, they donac’t lookey too hard to make, d mo they? >> no, they’re pretty simple actually. >> tell us what you’re doing here if you can give a little rundown. i see you have some made. >> i have some madeav up, but we’ll start witht the texas sweetas colossal onion there, that’res one of the biggest onions you canou c fine, that’s a perfect onion forr onion rings. we have a perfectlwey cut –y >> you just slice it like normal. >> about three qutuarters of an incompetent. we’re going to dip it in our egg wash, which is eggs andd butter milk and put in our all season ea flour and our special ted’s seed’ song, or you can use any all purpose s



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