Cooking: Roasted Salmon En Croute

Making roasted salmon en croute with Chef Anthony Haskins.
make meals for hundreds and thousands of people for every event that comes through. i can barely boil water. the real difficulty when you get them back-to-back this breakfast lunch and dinner. you don’t sit for the whole time. you don’t. you got a lot of coordination. that’s the key i’m assume. we will put vince to work here. as it comes in it goes out. that’s life isn’t it. it comes in and goes out. what are we making today. i’m going to have this salmon fileted up. >> let’s sort with the knife. this is a sashimi blade. it’s only sharp on one side. when you go into this fish you will come in behind the fin here. the ear fin. you will slice down until you feel the spine right along the dorsel here. you don’t want to cut into this meat over here. this is complicated. that’s nice and pink in there. you will slide your blade along the edge. you will feel it just kind of you know feel your w



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