Cooking: Red Rock Bison Burger

We’re cooking Red Rock Bison Burgers with Ted’s Montana Grill .
will be the thing a ma jig. >> what’s going on in the kitchen? >> ithink i’ve found the furriest hatrr i’ve ever seen. micah baumstein here from ted’s montana grill. do you actually sell these hats? >> i do. >> i’m a hat girl. we’re making one of your best things on the menu, the red rock bison burger, so let’s talk about the ingredients that go in to making that. >> we have some freshround bison, we grind it at least twice daily, we ve our secret burger 6)b season, pepper jack, chopped cilantro, our, special z sauce made especially for ther burger, fried onion strawsfr and we’ll put it all on a ciabatta bread which is over there. >> can you sanhare the z sauce? >> it is a rest berry — raspberry aole. >> that’s one of the great lunche s when you’re out christmas shop ping and youpi needee an extra boost, you recommend this to keep you going t. >> absolutely. ly keep you going in the win



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