Cooking: Raisin Sunflower Cookies And Smoothie

We’re cooking raisin sunflower cookies and a green smoothie with Holistic Health Coach, Hannah Marcotti.
gears, head on over to the kitchen with patrick. >> hannah marcotti hish makingak her h “the rhode show” debut. health food is the themeis today. >> yes.. >> people go out sledding today, out shoveling, work up an appetite andnd have aav tendency tonc eat the food that’sd not so good for you, butfo you h yave y an alternative that’sal good and good for. >> high in protein, highot in good fat. we have raisins and disarkan chocolate and sunflower seeds, so yeah, wonderful cookies that we’re going to make. >> it’s the good old raisin and sunflower cookie. what goes into thisto cookie. >> we have tahnini, bakingba soda, vanilla, maple syrup,ll dark chocolate and eggs. >> tell me about hannah’s harvest. >> i am a health and lifestyle coach and i work with women who feel disconnected and feeld like e they just need to lose some wait and feel better, so we work with wo combing healthy foods and



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