Cooking: Prime Rib And Seafood Extravaganza

Cooking prime rib and seafood extravaganza with Chef Carlos DaMoura from Fred and Steve’s.
& steve’s at twin river is here, and i’m in a food coma co right now, because i amw, looking at everything there. mr. rick, if you could shoot t that seafood matter.fo i’ve — platter. i’ve already nibbled. . we’re going to topop it offit with my favorite, the prime rib. withou twi furthter ado, chef demore, te ll us what we need to do. >> step numberum one, grab your cajun, rub it on both sides. >> is this a spicey rub? >> you feel like spicey, go according to the amount. if you like real spicey, put a lot. then you put a little butter on your grill. going to get a little l smoky over here and t hen you’re going to sear it. smell it already? >> yeah. yeah. i smell it. now tell everybody aw gain what you’re looking for in a cut. we’re joking ‘r around, but seriously in a cut, you’re looking at the marbling. don’t be afrdoaid of the marbling. >> a lot of people see a little fat, they



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