Cooking: Portuguese Littlenecks

The Rhode Show cooks Portuguese Littlenecks with Brick Alley Pub.
>> we are in the kitchen. a staple in rhode island, the brickyard pub. that’s your second home. you’re making good stuff for people to eat all the time. explain to everybody what ingredients we’ll need. >> we broad in some garlic butter. we started off to get the roma going. we let the studio get everyone a little bit hungry. we have the vegetable over here, the green pepper and spanish onions. we also have the chorize. crushed red pepper. we finish it off with a little bell pepper with cilantro. we have parsley, chardonnay, a clam juice and of course the little necks. >> all local stuff? >> everything’s local. we even are drawing some of our cilantro right here in the area. >> is it spicy? >> the crushed red pepper and black pepper, add a little spice to it. >> add a little kick. >> is this one of the favorites on the recipe? >> it is a very popular item for the appetizers, yes. >> ok.



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