Cooking: Pork & Ricotta Polpetti

We made Pork & Ricotta Polpetti with NYLO Hotel Providence/Warwick.
tell us the name of the meat ball. >> pork andk ricotta polpetti. >> what is a polpetti, what does w that mean? >> italian for minced meat. garlic, onion, salt, pepper. >> it smells heavenly in here. >> what will do we have going on? >> we have summer squash, carrots, red onion and garlic. >> what is this? >>vy cream. >> you know, vince asked us a second ago, ray, where’s w the sauce,e, where’s the gravy. g >> and he gavend meav a look like dude, don’t worry about it. >> this is>> a really great dish and i love that you’ve littened dit up for the summer months, becaussometime s we cans feel a little heavy. >> this is new to the restaurant, correct? >> yes, brand new restaurant. >> things are going well? >> things are going fantastic. >> what are some of the things you’re putting on its menu. >> we try to do seasonal men use and we have a nice tall fish sandwich, fried fish, fresh avocado



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