Cooking: Pork And Clams

Cooking pork and clams with Chef Jules Ramos from 1149.
hopefully first welyekst inek july. >> will th is be one of the t dishes on the men hue? >> prob>>ably. it will probably be on our menu, because we have to change it a little bit to keep it more interesting. >> put vince p to work then. >> juan ramos, put me to work. >> we start with olive oil and start adding the garlic andli the shallots there. >> ok. at the same time? >> sure. >> ok. and so do i just kind of — i leave the bay leaf out l? >> it doesn’t really matter, because we’ll pull it out before plating, so it’s not really a big deal. >> hello.>> >> usuallyal i tilt the pan forward and you can put the pork tenderloin right in. >> hot pan. >> don’t worry about it now. i have it all under control here. >> how is that? >> how is that, juan? >> beautiful. >> then you can add the tomato paste in there. about a teaspoon. >> i don’t really cook r with pork all that often. same thing as c



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