Cooking: Porcini Crusted Lollipop Lamb Chops

We’re making Porcini Crusted Lollipop Lamb Chops with Chef Matthew Haist of Capital Grille .
wpri.com. >>> we’re in the rhode show kitchen this morning with matt haist from the capital grill. we’re making porcini crusted lollipop porkchops. we have our ingredients ready to go. >> nice to see you again. >> let’s go over this. i’ve had lamb before but a lot of time it has been ground. i’ve never had lamb chopped like this. >> this is a rack of lamb. what we’re going to do is talk about how you can break it down into lamb chops. if you go to the grocery stores, you find them cut. if you go to b.j.’s or one of those kind of stores, you find it in this form. i have australian rack of lamb. we’ll crust it with our porcini seasoning which is a house blend of porcini mushrooms, different salts and peppers, a little bit of olive oil and give it a nice crust. then we finish it off when it is all said and done with some extra virgin olive oil and some aged balsamic. >> what am i looking fo



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