Cooking: Pollo Alla Scarpariello

We’re cooking Pollo alla Scarpariello with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
that. >> thank you. the book is available now. >>> we are in “the rhode show” kitchen this morning. i’m going to move out of the way for a second. because that’s not me, that’s — >> no. call me. [ laughter ] >> and we are taking pollo you guys say it. you said it perfectly. >> or rhode island style chicken scarpiello. >> this is usually chicken on the bone, but for the essence of time, we’re going with the boneless chicken breast. you can use pork sausage, hot or sweet. we have bell peppers, homemade pickled peppers, and pepper juice, they have a little bit of kick to them, and a little bit of sweetness at the same time. a little white wine, chicken stock, and this is a very traditional dish, a lot of rhode islanders may not understand it, because new york and boston, it’s huge. but for some reason it got lost in translation in rhode island. but we’ll bring it back. >> learn about it to



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