Cooking: Pollo A Los Andes

Los Andes is cooking in the kitchen.
actually, it’s marco pollo. >> i saw where you’re going with that. the italian version. this is omar, he’s from los andes restaurant, and you’ve already shown a little bit ofa chicken, kilbasa.keil >> kilbasa, which still shocks me. i’ll go with the kilbasa if you say so. >> what are you putting in there. >> chopped garlic. >> to flavor thingsor up. and i have potatoes over here, that we’re brownireng up, softening up, and this is olive oil. >> olive oil,, garlic, seasoning, salt, pepper. >> very nice. >> what are some of the other ingredients that we have here? >> these are the hot cherry pepper s, onions, tomatoes, and a little bit of mustard.rd >> what kind of mustard? >> dijon mustard. >> ok. >> verifies. s.>> what’s in here? that’s actually white winete. >> and are we done with the garlic here?? >> yes, we’re done with theh garlic. ga >> we like a lot of garlic in our cooking. >> te



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