Cooking: Pizzagaina

Cooking pizzagaina with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
and this gentleman to my far left, tv’s maitre d’, how are you my friend? >> i am excellent, vince. this is a wonderful dish of indulgence. >> it is one of indulgence, because there are a lot of very, very rich ingredients here. john, run us through the litany. >> first of all, vince, i want to sigh that i thought to myself, what can i make that vince would go nuts for and i thought of all these different ingredients — i did. you know what i mean? and i said, why don’t we just put everything in a pie and bake it. >> he’s a big pie. let’s make him bigger. >> what have we got here? >> vince, if you could just — we have romano, we have ricotta cheese and the eggs. we have some rose mary ham that we’re going to pour in to this pie, all right. >> and the cream as well? >> cream right in there. >> vince is a natural. look at him. unbelievable. >> proscuitto. it doesn’t — these ingredients j



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