Cooking Pizza With The Kids

In the kitchen we’re making pizza with the kids.
welcome back. this morning in “the rhode show”, we’re in the kitchen and we’re making up some pizza pies. i feel pretty fancy doing all this. i said i want to do it like this. we’re with chef mark from gipetto’s in providence and also here with jillian and cadence who are helping us. cadence, what are you doing over there? >> what are you working on over here? are you poking holes in the dough? >> why do we have to put holes in the dough? >> do you remember? >> yes. >> are you going to tell anybody else, cadence? >> so bubbles won’t pop out. >> it’s so bubbles won’t pop out. that’s right. i didn’t realize that. now, jillian, what’s your favorite — >> there she goes. >> all right. >> kayens, what’s your favorite kind of pizza? do you like this? >> cheese pizza. >> this doesn’t have cheese. >> why doesn’t it have cheese yet? >> it doesn’t have cheese. >> do you have to put that on next? >



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